Wednesday, March 2, 2011


well. here's the THING. i absolutley suck at blogging. buuut every once in a while (like when i'm at "work"...aka a miserable little mall kiosk) i get the urge to blog. so here i am.
my life lately has been...crazy. let me tell you.
1. last night i had to say goodbye for two years to my best friend in the world. so that :/ ahh it was SO sad but awesome at the same time... i'm glad i had my besties ry and kath to be there with me. i am going to miss andy BUT i know we'll be friends again when he gets home. he's the best person you'll ever meet, i promise. can't wait till march of 2013!
2. i started a new job. and it is...pointless. honestly. i sit at this little kiosk selling "super sipperz" and "screaming meanies"...ask me what these things are, because i won't be able to tell you. i have no idea. oh, and to top it off, the three kiosks that surround me are occupied by girls who are bff's. do they invite me to lunch? not even once. sooo that's cool. no guys, i didn't want any's FINNNE. all of you just go sit at one kiosk and i'll sit over here by myself......
3. i just got back from the BEST trip ever. aka cali with the quatro. and now i'm going to hawaii on the 13th with ma girl em :) THEN i'm going to DC and virginia in april. ahhhh vacations, i have needed you. i'm kinda stressed to get everything done before i leave...but i just want to be on the beach. right. now.
k. that's all. i'll probably post next time i'm slaving away at this idiot kiosk. love love.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy holidayyyz.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


ah! couldn't be more thrilled.
just spent the weekend in arizona
with my best friends
watching our c get married.

congrats austin and ciara mcneil
[aka world's cutest couple]

Thursday, December 9, 2010


my study abroad trip got suddenly CANCELLED.
am i depressed? maybe a little.
i have been coming up with new plans. a LOT of new plans.
seriously, coming up with a new one every second.
here are some of them:
service trip in the philippines,
del sol internship,
service trip in guatemala,
teaching children english in china,
teaching in italy,
a semester at BYU-H?,
there's definitely more. but i won't bore your faces.
most won't happen. but i'm hoping a few will.

someone come with me.

k? k.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am happy today, and here is why...

1. I left ON TIME for school.
2. I came out of my apartment to find my car written on with car marker...
"BABE!!!"...and... "You are the best...Hottie!" haha. hil.arious.
3. My mint green nail polish
4. I'm going to st GEEEE tomorrow :)
5. Even though I got pulled over and couldn't find my license and received a ticket AND was late to school because of it...the cop was pretty nice. :/ (alright fine, I'm pissed about it..but i'm trying to be positive)
6. I get to go to art history in half an hour. I. Love. It.
7. I am going to WALES and ENGLAND next summer.
8. My family members are my best friends.
9....and my roommates are
10. Facebook is overrated.


Monday, October 11, 2010

no more fazeboog?


it's true. i deleted my facebook. and... i cried. HALRIGHT not really.
but um.
i decided i don't really want my whole life posted online...
so NATURALLY i turn to blogging.
somehow in my mind this is better? mmmmyeahhhh.
let's see how long this lasts... :/

life is GOOD right now.
i only have two more days of class and then i'm headed to st geeezay
for fall break. yeah yeah YEAH.
not even excited about it at all......nope.
so whatever. nbd. see you fools LAYTUH.

here's a picture for your entertainment. juuusss fer fun. k, BYE.

heppy helloween.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

catchinggg up with life.

oakridge with the fam on theee 4th.
still waiting for firework pictures from ANDY...

the finished sammy's fliers.

utah arts fest with ma girl kaylee.

freedom festival with tanner and some kids.

waiting in line for the last air bender with collinnnnn.

hikes with the dad.

the FABULOUS moeller barbeque...

lagoon with trevor.